ACUSTICONTROL started business in the 80’s and was formally founded in 1989 by a team of acoustical engineers working on research, development and consultancy that identified a need for high technology services on Acoustics and Vibrations.

The team developed expertise on computer aided acoustical engineering in a number of fields such as buildings, industry and transportation. In the early 90’s, for example, we developed our own technology for noise barrier design, the BARR model, which was extensively used in road and railway studies and projects. Still in the 90’s, the company built a railway noise calculation model, FERR, used in a large number of studies of Portuguese railways. Today, we are experts on transportation noise, and on noise mapping, especially in urban areas.

The testing and calculation facilities have been continuously renewed and updated. We now own the most sophisticated measuring and analysis sound and vibration equipment, as well as the most recent acoustic modeling software for different applications (room acoustics, industrial noise, transportation noise, noise mapping).

The team has been fairly stable over the years, contributing for the growing acquired know-how and for our reputation of reliability with the client. All team members have university degrees and post-grads in Acoustics.

We are located at Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho, a very convenient central location in Lisbon, but we offer our services to the whole country and abroad.

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